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Empty Nest Survival

By June 4, 2024June 12th, 2024Newsletter

For many parents, empty nest survival can be a hard adjustment.   Getting ready for your child’s graduation and wondering where the time went?   You’re not alone!

Here are some tips to survive this new chapter in your life:

Rediscover Your Passions

Now that your children have flown the nest, take this opportunity to reignite old hobbies or explore new interests. Whether it’s painting, gardening, or traveling, or reading, investing time in activities that bring you joy can feel liberating and encouraging.    You can find many sources on line and check out Long Island for some great new titles.

Prioritize Your Relationships

Nurture the connections in your life to combat loneliness. Join clubs, volunteer organizations, or community groups to meet new people and expand your social network. Having a strong support system can make empty next survival easier to navigate.

Embrace Self-Care

Prioritize your physical and emotional well-being by practicing self-care. Make time for regular exercise, healthy eating, and adequate sleep. Engage in relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation to reduce stress and promote inner peace.

Have your time  

Set aside a day to take care of the things you want and need to do.  Perhaps it’s a haircut, buying new clothes, a massage or nail appointment (great for men and women!).  No matter what the activity, dedicate the day to you!

Take Time to Reflect

You have successfully raised a human! As any parent will tell you, that is no easy feat. Don’t forget to reflect on the journey you’ve had as a parent, and think of happy memories with your child when you miss them.


While this time may come with mixed emotions, it’s also an opportunity for personal growth, self-discovery, and newfound freedom. Take it day by day and you can work through the challenges of empty next survival.  We are excited for this new chapter for you and are always here for support.


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