What are the benefits of counseling?

A: Having someone to talk to who is not a part of the issue you are having is the best way to work through any issue you are facing. We like to say that your therapist is a “professional friend” who is there to help guide you with the proper educational background. Friends and family offer good advice. Therapists offer professional guidance and help keep you on the right track with only one motive — helping you reach your personal goal

What do I talk about in a session?

A: Talk topics are up to you to introduce. Your therapist uses your conversations as a guide and insight into the issues that you are working on. We create a therapeutic plan that fits YOUR needs, not ours. It all goes into creating an amazing on-going relationship.

Why should I pay out of pocket when I have insurance?

A: Insurance companies often misunderstand the full nature of long-term therapy and undervalue the time, energy and effort a provider puts into the session. FPC believes that you and your counselor should determine the best type of therapy for you regardless of insurance company guidelines. Our providers, therefore, go above such guidelines and mandates and give you the better experience. Private, confidential and effective at all times.

How long should I go to therapy?

A: While each patient answers that on their own, FPC believes that in order to have the best mental health, you need someone alongside you. Many of our patients form such amazing relationships with their therapists, that they will attend sessions for years. Imagine having that perfect person to “run something by” who can give you an objective answer based upon your own journey.