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Digital Mental Health

By June 27, 2024July 3rd, 2024Newsletter
Digital Mental Health

Maintaining Mental Health in the Digital Age

In today’s digital age, the constant presence of social media and digital communication has become a double-edged sword. While these technologies connect us, they also pose challenges to our mental health. Many people find themselves overwhelmed by the endless stream of notifications, the pressure to curate a perfect online persona, and the comparison to others’ seemingly flawless lives. Here are some effective ways to set boundaries with technology and promote digital mental health and well-being.


Limit Your Time Spent Online: The Short & Long Game

Day to day, it’s essential to establish designated “tech-free” times. This could be during meals, an hour before bed, or the first hour after you wake up. Creating these breaks helps you to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with yourself and those around you. Consider setting your phone to “Do Not Disturb” mode during these periods to minimize distractions.

Practice digital detoxes regularly. This could mean taking a day off from social media each week or a longer break during a vacation. Use this time to engage in activities that ground you in the present moment and foster a sense of peace and relaxation. 

Set Screen Time Limits 

Set limits on your screen time. Many smartphones offer features that track and limit usage for specific apps. Utilize these tools to manage your time effectively. For instance, you might limit social media apps to 30 minutes a day, and spend that extra time engaging in activities that promote well-being, such as reading, exercising, or spending time with led ones.

Curate Your Social Media Feeds 

Curate your social media feeds mindfully. Follow accounts that inspire and uplift you, and unfollow or mute those that trigger negative emotions or unnecessary comparisons. Remember, social media often presents a highlight reel rather than an accurate depiction of reality. Being selective about the content you consume can significantly impact your mental health. If you can better regulate what you are exposing yourself to online, it may help maintain those healthy boundaries.

Prioritize Traditional Social Connections

If you feel yourself gravitating towards social media more and more especially during times of loneliness, it may be a sign that you are using it in place of real human connection. Having a social media presence and interacting with others’ profiles gives us a false sense of closeness without actually putting ourselves in a social situation. It’s important to remember that some benefits of human connection come from a reciprocity of attention and engagement that we experience in a real conversation that may not come with getting connection mostly from social media. If you’re feeling stuck, start small by striking up a conversation in the coffee shop line instead of scrolling until it’s your turn to order. 

Maintaining mental health in the digital age requires intentionality and mindfulness. By setting boundaries with technology, curating your social media feeds, limiting screen time, and practicing digital detoxes, you can create a healthier relationship with the digital world and promote overall well-being.



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