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Advice: Tracking your Family

By June 27, 2024Newsletter
Ask Ron Villano
Advice:  Tracking your Family versus Teenage Privacy
Dear Ron:
I’m the mom of two teenage girls and I worry about where they are at every day.  They want to be able to be with their friends but I cannot get out of my head the number of incidents which happen to young adults. I have started looking into an app which will track them on their phone but I’m worried that they will just see it as an intrusion and just leave their phones behind. Is there a way that moms can use these apps without creating battles at home?
Dear Worry Wart:
This has become a very hot topic and the source of household debates. One part is necessary — ensuring the safety. But it is important to find the balance between safety and respecting privacy. I look at it this way: these apps can be used as long as everyone using them is comfortable setting realistic boundaries. For example — you agree to only look when your kids are late or are have been out of touch after a fair amount of texts. This allows for the app to be used when there is a realistic doubt. If you feel the need to know everything your girls are doing at all times then this app will actually make your worry and their response far worse than not having it at all. If you decide to try it, set up the ground rules first. Consider setting up a trial period where you come back together to discuss if it should continue. With thoughtful and open family communication, life trackers can be of good peace of mind.
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