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Advice: Cruising with a Friend

By June 13, 2024Newsletter
Ask Ron Villano
Advice Subject:   Cruising with a friend and worried about the budget and how to talk to the about it.


Dear Ron — I just got a great offer to go with a friend on a cruise.

We went over the reviews about the cruise line, the itinerary, the type of room we wanted, worked hard together to get a discount and booked the cruise. One of the reasons I’ve wanted to cruise is that I like idea of the “all inclusive” factor so I can budget in advance. And while I have extra cash for some things, it’s not an unlimited spend for me. My friend is the complete opposite. She is looking at excursions, additional food options, and “not included” items which I’m not sure can fit into my budget. I already said to her that I need to place a spending cap on the vacation and she said “Why? You only live once and this is the trip of a lifetime for me.” I get that, too, but I would rather pass on the trip than live with the financial worry.

How can I handle the money conversation without making her angry? — Budget Overboard.

Dear Budget Overboard – You can handle the conversation by letting her know that you want to plan your budget and need to get more information about the things she wants to do. Sit with her and just have fun making real plans based upon the real time you have available with a “money is no object” approach. After you have this real list, then take that cost and factor it into your extras budget along with your own “YOLO” factored in. Then present the revised options to her from your point of view. Perhaps seeing the sights of a country is worth more than dining with special menus? Flying coach may save some money toward something we may want to do on board. The lesson to learn is that good travel companions work together — even when money is not a factor. Spend some time to see if a compromise can happen. And then if you still are not able to come together, it may be best to preserve the friendship by passing on the cruise and enjoy another activity together.
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