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Embrace the Power of Change

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Ron is the expert you are looking for to help you work through change and challenge in your life. Every type of problem you encounter - relationships, bereavement, anxiety, panic, attention, eating, substance abuse, addiction - all deal with one topic...change. Combining an extensive professional background with the life-changing experience of losing of his 17-year old son, Michael, has helped Ron to create a simple series of tools that anyone can use to help them through even the darkest of times. You have the power to change the way you look at living. He will show you how.

Ron has degrees in mental health, psychology, alcohol and substance abuse counseling, and hypnotherapy. Combined with over 15 years of private practice has provided him with an extensive treatment background. Ron is particularly experienced in treating anxiety, bereavement and relationship issues and has an extensive referral network of medical providers and advisors.

He is also a national motivational speaker and author of the sell-out self-help book, The Zing. Ron appears on radio and TV, including the new Verizon FiOS1 network and publishes articles throughout the world. "If my message reaches at least one person, I have accomplished my goal."

Ron Villano, M.S., LMHC, ASAC, CCH


Licensed Mental Health Counselor

National Speaker & Author

Family & Personal Counseling is the right place for you.  Our leading group of counselors and therapists have been hand selected by founder and Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Author and National Speaker, Ron Villano.  This expert team will help you work though life's challenges right from the start.  

Our staff handles all the issues that you face -- from anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and marital and family issues to smoking cessation, weight loss, and hypnosis. No matter what you are facing, we have the expertise to help you find your way through.

Individual, family or group – we give you the extraordinary problem-solving skills, unparalleled expertise and personal approach you have been looking for.  Family & Personal Counseling will help you to uncover, recover, and discover new ways of getting life together once again.

Let’s face it – change is inevitable…being scared and overwhelmed is not.   Begin today -- reach out and call 631-758-8290.